0-2 Year Old Children’s Lessons

ESL Kids Class Resources Review – Apricot Picture Books

In today’s article we’re going to go over the series of kids picture books published by Apricot. Picture books are an essential tool for any English teacher that has young children’s classes. They are great way to introduce new vocabulary, phrases and basic questions. They are also a great way to calm down an overexcited or chaotic class. Simply said you need a good series of picture books.

Games and Activities for 0-2 Childrens English Class

In this article were going to go over some different games and activities that you can use for your classes with children aged 0 to 2. The students in these classes are so young and have so little concentration that the games and activities that you can use are limited. First and foremost they have to be short and fast. You need to be moving on to something within 5 to 7 minutes. Anything longer than that and the child will lose interest. Different children will respond to different games and activities so what might work for one child might not work for another. You need to try to use different games and activities and see which one works best with those children or that class. Let’s take a look at some commonly used games and activities.   Picture books Picture books are a ver...

Example Lesson Plan for 0-2 Childrens English Class

Age group 0-2 years old   Preparation 5 minutes   Class time 20 to 30 minutes Teaching children of this age can be very tiring for the teachers. Also the children themselves have an extremely small attention span. Because of this is best to keep these lessons generally short.   Teaching Key Point Basic commands – listening practice Colors Animals   Lesson plan Greeting Warm-up-drill Sgt. with moms Vocabulary cards-colors Children’s book-colors Quick game-find the color Vocabulary card review-animals Children’s book-animals Goodbyes   Step by Step Greeting When I walk in and I’m going to smile big for the babies and sit down cross legged in front of them. The whole time I’m going to be saying “hello”, “hello”. Once the students start to say “hello” on their own then...

An Introduction to Teaching English to 0-2 Year Olds

What to expect Obviously these children are so young that for the most part they cannot speak in their own native language much less English. They also have extremely short attention spans and are prone to crying and tantrums. This means that the classes will almost certainly be conducted with the mothers nearby. Generally it’s best to have the infants sit in the mothers lap or in front of the mothers. Usually the mothers are very motivated to have their children study English as soon as possible because they want their children to have the best possible future prospects. I’m not going to lie to you; this can be one of the most difficult classes you will have. It mostly depends on your personality. I don’t want to stereotype but I have certainly found that women teachers ...

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