13-16 Year Old Children’s Lessons

Children’s ESL Textbook Review – Let’s Go Series

In this article we’re going to review the very popular kids ESL textbook “Let’s Go” published by Oxford University Press. The “Let’s Go” series has over seven textbooks that cover the ages from 3 to around 12 years old. To call the “Let’s Go” series a textbook would be mistake, it is more a suite of Kids ESL resources that are based around the textbook/student book. There is a teacher’s guide, workbook, CD, student cards, full-size teacher cards, wall charts, readers, songbooks, picture dictionary, grammar and listening textbook and finally an interactive CD-ROM. That is quite a lot. In this review we’re going to take a look at the student book, workbook, teacher’s guide and CD. We will go over the other material at a later time in a different review.  

Textbook Review – Interchange

In this article going to go over the “Interchange” series of ESL textbooks. The Interchange series has a total of four textbooks or six textbooks if you consider the two upper-level “Passages” textbooks written by the same author. The four Interchange textbooks are made for young adults and adults learners of English from beginning level to high intermediate levels. It is the fourth edition which tells you how popular it truly is. It is a multiskilled textbook that goes over grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, themes and functions. These textbooks can be used in private classes or in large group classes.

Textbook review – Fifty-Fifty

Today we’re going to go over the Fifty-Fifty series from Pearson Longman. The Fifty-Fifty series is a three-level course that focuses on speaking and listening skills. There are three textbooks in the series, Fifty-Fifty Intro, Fifty-Fifty Book One and Fifty-Fifty Book Two. These textbooks are targeted towards beginner level students and lower intermediate level students. There is also a teacher’s version of the textbook that acts as a student book and teachers guide. There is an accompanying website that offers various resources for students and teachers. You can download class audio, flashcards, and worksheets there.

ESL Textbook Review – Communicate 1 and 2

In this article were going to take a look at the “communicate” series of textbooks written by David Paul and published by Macmillan Heinmann. There are two books in the series, “Communicate One” and “Communicate Two”. The books are aimed at beginners and lower intermediate students. A teacher’s book, workbook and audio recordings can be downloaded for free off of their website. Each book has 30 lessons. Each lesson could take up anywhere from 40 minutes to 70 minutes depending on which activities you choose to do.

Games and Activities for 13-16 Childrens English Class

Game and Activity List   Where am I This is a simple activity that you can play without any preparation or set up. The idea is for one student to imagine they are in a location the other students have to ask questions in order to guess where that location is.   Bull’s-eye This game can help teach how to give directions and a chance to practice various location words.   Chase the Ace This game is based on the classic card game “Go Fish”. You deal out a deck of cards and whenever someone has a set they place it on the table and use the word that corresponds with that set in a sentence. It is a simple, easy game that can be played with kids and adults.   Concentration cards This is a classic vocabulary teaching card game that can be used to teach vocabulary words or other ...

Example Lesson Plan for 13-16 Childrens English Class

Age group: 13-16 years old   Preparation: 5-10 minutes   Class Time: 60-80 minutes Teaching Key Point: Basic Questions and Replies Present Perfect “I have eaten sushi in Japan.” “Have you ever eaten sushi in Japan?”   Lesson Plan: Greetings Warm-up-Conversational Questions Related to Previous Lesson Introduction of Key Point Example Conversation Read Through Questions Related to Conversation Simple Practice Key Point Related Game Previous Class Short Review Review Game Homework Explanation Goodbyes Step by Step Greetings As we enter the classroom we are going to greet the students with “good morning”, “good afternoon” or “how are you doing?” It’s a good idea to mix these up so that you can expose your students to as many different greetings as possible. One day try “how are ...

An Introduction to Teaching English to 13-16 Year Olds

The 13 to 16 year-old age range can be difficult for many teachers. These students are not necessarily “kids” and they are not “adults” either. Many games and activities that you have been able to use with younger children will suddenly be considered “childish” by the teenagers in this age group. In order to efficiently teach this age group we need to create a sort of “hybrid” class mixing some aspects of our children classes with some aspects of our adult classes.   What to expect There are many differences with this age group and younger children. This age group will certainly be much shyer and quieter as a whole. You will occasionally see students who have completely different attitudes and emotions from class to class. Some positive ...

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