3-6 Year Old Children’s Lessons

Children’s ESL Textbook Review – Let’s Go Series

In this article we’re going to review the very popular kids ESL textbook “Let’s Go” published by Oxford University Press. The “Let’s Go” series has over seven textbooks that cover the ages from 3 to around 12 years old. To call the “Let’s Go” series a textbook would be mistake, it is more a suite of Kids ESL resources that are based around the textbook/student book. There is a teacher’s guide, workbook, CD, student cards, full-size teacher cards, wall charts, readers, songbooks, picture dictionary, grammar and listening textbook and finally an interactive CD-ROM. That is quite a lot. In this review we’re going to take a look at the student book, workbook, teacher’s guide and CD. We will go over the other material at a later time in a different review.  

ESL Kids Class Resources Review – Apricot Picture Books

In today’s article we’re going to go over the series of kids picture books published by Apricot. Picture books are an essential tool for any English teacher that has young children’s classes. They are great way to introduce new vocabulary, phrases and basic questions. They are also a great way to calm down an overexcited or chaotic class. Simply said you need a good series of picture books.

Games and Activities for 3-6 Childrens English Class

It is important to remember that each class and each student is different and a good teacher needs to be able to try various activities and find which one is best suited for that class or that student. Do not be afraid to experiment and do not be afraid to try new things. Some of these games might work well for your class and some others might not. Click the game or activity to find out more about it. In English classes where the students are between the ages of 3 to 6 years old, games and activities will make up the vast majority of your lesson plan. At this young age, you should not have students sitting down at a table looking at a textbook for 50 minutes. You have to make the class fun and you also have to consider that these young children have very small attention spans. With that in...

Example Lesson Plan for 3-6 Childrens English Class

Below is a sample lesson plan for children’s English classes with children from the ages of 3 to 6 years old. The main purpose of this article is to show you an example of a lesson plan that we have used with this age group so that you can get a better idea of how to create your own lesson plans in the future. By all means,  experiment with your lesson plans to see what activities and what structure is best for your students and classes.   Age group 3 to 6 years old It is important to remember that a three-year-old’s ability to concentrate and a six-year-old’s is going to be very different. With the older students you can add more complexity to the games and activities. With the younger students you can simplify the games and activities to better suit their level. Try not to use too m...

An Introduction to Teaching English to 3-6 Year Olds

What to expect The defining feature of teaching children this young is their inability to concentrate for long periods of time. Because of this we have to develop lesson plans that are short, fast and fun. We introduce a concept to the children, we play a game and then we move on to another activity. This can be very tiring for many teachers. But it is this “energy” that is so important to creating fun classes where your students are highly motivated and want to continue to study. Children at this age can often quickly improve their listening skills and they can quickly learn various vocabulary words. They have more difficulty with speaking in general and especially with any longer sentences.   Objectives (What you will teach) The basic objective for this class is to creat...

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