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ESL Textbook Review – Communication Strategies

The belief that “discussion” classes are easy to teach is one of the biggest misconceptions new teachers have. They believe that you walk into class and simply ask the students “what’s up?” Then, waves of conversation flow from the students mouths and the teacher sits back thinking about a party they will go to later in the night. Well, maybe I exaggerate but only a little. While many teachers approach their “discussion/conversation” classes this way the truth is that those teachers classes are not very good. “Discussion” classes need structure, they need a good lesson plan and they need a good textbook that is devoted to discussion classes. Today we are going to see if the textbook “Communication Strategies” written by David Paul and published by Thomson is one of those.

ESL Textbook Review – Business Explorer Series

One of the most common goals students have is to sometime in the future use their English to get a promotion or start a new career. While there are many very good “standard” class textbooks and “discussion” class textbooks I’ve yet to find a business English textbook that I felt comfortable with. In today’s article we’re going to take a look at Cambridge University Press’s Business Explorer series. The Business Explorer series is a three level course designed for students who want to learn business English. The series covers the levels from beginner to lower intermediate and can be used with both group and private classes.

Textbook Review – Interchange

In this article going to go over the “Interchange” series of ESL textbooks. The Interchange series has a total of four textbooks or six textbooks if you consider the two upper-level “Passages” textbooks written by the same author. The four Interchange textbooks are made for young adults and adults learners of English from beginning level to high intermediate levels. It is the fourth edition which tells you how popular it truly is. It is a multiskilled textbook that goes over grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, themes and functions. These textbooks can be used in private classes or in large group classes.

Textbook review – Fifty-Fifty

Today we’re going to go over the Fifty-Fifty series from Pearson Longman. The Fifty-Fifty series is a three-level course that focuses on speaking and listening skills. There are three textbooks in the series, Fifty-Fifty Intro, Fifty-Fifty Book One and Fifty-Fifty Book Two. These textbooks are targeted towards beginner level students and lower intermediate level students. There is also a teacher’s version of the textbook that acts as a student book and teachers guide. There is an accompanying website that offers various resources for students and teachers. You can download class audio, flashcards, and worksheets there.

ESL Textbook Review – Communicate 1 and 2

In this article were going to take a look at the “communicate” series of textbooks written by David Paul and published by Macmillan Heinmann. There are two books in the series, “Communicate One” and “Communicate Two”. The books are aimed at beginners and lower intermediate students. A teacher’s book, workbook and audio recordings can be downloaded for free off of their website. Each book has 30 lessons. Each lesson could take up anywhere from 40 minutes to 70 minutes depending on which activities you choose to do.

Teaching Travel English Secondary Key Points

In this article we are going to introduce you to various methods for teaching travel English classes secondary objectives. In most classes you’ll have a list of things that you want to teach your students. The most important things are often called primary objectives, or primary key points. Any goals that are not in this group are usually called secondary objectives or secondary key points. These secondary objectives can be used in various ways. One way is when you have extra time in your class and you’ve already gone over all of your primary objectives. You can use the extra time to practice and explain the secondary objectives. Another way to use the secondary objectives is to introduce them in your class so that your classes do not become too monotonous or boring. Doing the same thing o...

Travel English Class Sample Lesson

(not ready) In this article were going to take a look at an example travel English class lesson plan. Today’s topic will be ordering food at a fast food restaurant. We will go over the entire lesson point by point. The idea is not to copy this lesson plan step-by-step but to give you an example of how some teachers would go about teaching the subject. Then you can take parts of the lesson plan that you like and create your own lesson plan.     Time 60 minutes-90 minutes   Students Level Any level is okay but in our particular situation we’re going to imagine that our students are all upper beginner or lower intermediate.   Primary Objectives In this lesson our primary objective is to introduce a set of sentence patterns that the students can use in restaurants, fa...

How to Teach the English Skills Need for the TOEIC Class

In this article we are going to go over some different ways that you can teach students the actual English skills they need to do well on the TOEIC test. Don’t forget that there are generally two ways to teach the TOEIC test. One way is to teach tactics and strategies for the test itself. The other way is to teach the actual English skills that will be needed to do well on the TOEIC test. In this article going to talk about the different skills that you’ll need to go over with your students. We will also give you a lesson plan template so that you have a general idea where to start when creating your own lesson plans.   Lesson Plan Template Your lesson plan will change depending on your lesson’s  key points, your student’s experience and English ability, and many other factors. Hopefu...

How to Teach How to Take the TOEIC Class

Different Goals As with most standardized test there are two different approaches to teaching for the TOEIC test. One approach is to teach how to take the test. This means that you teach strategies and tactics that can help you do well on the test. These tactics and strategies are unrelated to the English you need to do well the test. The second approach is to teach the actual English related skills needed to do well on the test. So this includes various vocabulary, grammar, listening practice and other related skills. So which approach should you use in your TOEIC classes? Well that depends on many different factors. Let’s take a look. If you have a student that already has a high level of English ability then more often than not it’s best to teach the tactics and strategies of the TOEIC ...

Example Lesson Plan for TOEIC Class

In this lesson plan, we are focusing on teaching the students the most efficient way to go about answering questions for the last section of the TOEIC test, the Short Reading section. The objective of this article is to give you an idea of how we create our own lesson plans and hopefully from this you will be able to develop your own lesson plans for your own TOEIC classes.   Type of class TOEIC   English level Intermediate   Class time 60-80 Minutes   Teaching key points In this lesson, we will be teaching students the most efficient way to do the “Short Reading” section of the TOEIC test. Most students will first read the entire reading passage, and then they will go to the first question, and then go back to the reading passage looking for information. This takes way...

Teaching Standard English Class Primary Keypoints

Most classes are going to have a primary objective that you want your students to learn. We usually call these “key points”. There are many different methods towards teaching these “key points” and in this article we are going to explain one of the more popular methods. It’s important to remember that simply explaining the sentence structure or the grammar point or whatever the key point is, is not enough. You need to explain it, you need to introduce it in a conversation, and you need to practice it in written form and a speaking form as well. Let’s take a look.   Primary Objective Method Warm Up Sample Conversation (with the key point) Key Point Explanations Key Point Simple Practice (Written) Key Point Spoken Practice Game/Activity (with key poin...

Example Lesson Plan for Standard English Class

In this article you will find a sample lesson plan for conversational English classes. You’re more than welcome to use this lesson in your classes but the main goal is to provide an example and a template so that you can create your own lesson plans in the future. It’s important to remember that all classes and students are different. Something that works in one class might not work in another.  Don’t be afraid to change up your lesson plans as you see fit.   Type of class Standard Class (Conversational English class)   English level Beginner/Upper Beginner   Class time 60 minutes   Teaching key points Superlatives   Lesson plan Greeting/Mini Free Talk Introduction to lesson point-Superlatives Example sentences Sample Conversation Conversation Related Questions Per...

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