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ESL Textbook Review – Business Explorer Series

One of the most common goals students have is to sometime in the future use their English to get a promotion or start a new career. While there are many very good “standard” class textbooks and “discussion” class textbooks I’ve yet to find a business English textbook that I felt comfortable with. In today’s article we’re going to take a look at Cambridge University Press’s Business Explorer series. The Business Explorer series is a three level course designed for students who want to learn business English. The series covers the levels from beginner to lower intermediate and can be used with both group and private classes.

How to Teach Primary Key Points for English Classes

Most classes are going to have a primary objective that you want your students to learn. We usually call these “key points”. There are many different methods towards teaching these “key points” and today we are going to explain one of the more popular methods. It’s important to remember that simply explaining the sentence structure or the grammar point or whatever the key point is, is not enough. You need to explain it, you need to introduce it in a conversation, and you need to practice it in written form and a speaking form as well. Let’s take a look.   Primary Objective Method Warm Up Sample Conversation (with the key point) Key Point Explanations Key Point Simple Practice (Written) Key Point Spoken Practice Game/Activity (with key point) OR Simp...

Introduction to Business English Classes

Class Intro Business classes are English classes for business people or people who might find themselves in various business related situations. These situations can range anywhere from checking into a hotel on a business trip to sales and contract negotiations. It is common to have these types of classes when you are teaching at a company or a factory and occasionally you will also have these classes at conversation schools. There are a couple of different ways to approach these classes depending upon the students and their respective levels.   Types of Students There are many different types of students that will take this class. If you’re teaching at an English conversation school then more likely than not you’re going to have students who already have a decent amount of Engl...

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