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13-16 Year Old Children's Lessons / Children's English Classes / Children's Games and Activities

Games and Activities for 13-16 Childrens English Class

Games and activities are essential to all children's classes, even teenager's classes. They give the students a fun way to use what they have studied. Without these your students will soon start to look at your lessons like going to the dentist's office. Here's a list of games so that doesn't happen.

Game and Activity List


Where am I

This is a simple activity that you can play without any preparation or set up. The idea is for one student to imagine they are in a location the other students have to ask questions in order to guess where that location is.



This game can help teach how to give directions and a chance to practice various location words.


Chase the Ace

This game is based on the classic card game “Go Fish”. You deal out a deck of cards and whenever someone has a set they place it on the table and use the word that corresponds with that set in a sentence. It is a simple, easy game that can be played with kids and adults.


Concentration cards

This is a classic vocabulary teaching card game that can be used to teach vocabulary words or other things such as questions, responses, and sentence structures.



This is a short and quick activity that you can use in your classes to practice the future tense form “going to….” The students generally like this activity because the stories that are created are often very funny or strange.



This is a game that you can use to practice describing what people look like. Students take the role as someone who witnessed a crime and they have to describe the criminal to the police investigator.



This is a simple activity to get students to practice asking for directions and giving directions. This can be used in a normal class or even a travel class.


Discover a Picture

This is a fun simple game that can be used to practice “there is….” and “there are…” As well as various questions about quantities. There is also an opportunity to practice different location words as well.



This is an easy game that uses the same rules as dominoes but with smaller size cards where the students have to make a connection between two different words using “both….” This is a good, fun game for junior high school student and high school students alike.


Find a Partner

This is a game that can be played using many different grammar points and sentence structures. It is a good way to get the students using the sentences and grammar that they learned in a previous class.


Grand Prix

This is a game that you can use to practice “have to” sentences. It is very simple to set up and only takes about 5 to 10 minutes.


Go Fish

This game uses the classic playing card game “go fish” to practice asking simple questions and answering them. It can also be used to practice various vocabulary words as well.


Hide It in the Picture

This is a simple activity using various pictures of rooms in order to practice using various location words and sentence structures.


How Do You Do?

This activity is an easy way for you to have your students practice giving directions and instructions. Also it’s good practice for asking instructions and asking directions.


How Often

This is another simple activity that you can use to practice using “frequency” phrases and words.



This is a fun game that involves some movement and some acting that can be used to liven up a sleepy class. It’s a great way to practice giving advice and saying problems.


Name a Time

This is a very fast, simple activity that you can do in five minutes to practice present continuous forms or past continuous forms.


Pictures-What’s the Difference?

This is a good game for practicing “there is” and “there are” as well as location words.


Restaurant Role-Play

This fun game it can be used to practice various sentence structures. It’s also good for teaching some simple travel English that the students could use if they ever go abroad.


Put in Order

This is a short game that you can play to practice creating comparative sentences. As comparative sentences can be a little difficult this will generally be used with young adults or higher level kids.



This game is based on the card game of the same name. The game takes a good 5 to 10 minutes to finish. It is very good practice for creating sentences.


Team Advice with Cards

This is a fun game that you can use with younger students and adults to teach how to correctly give advice and suggestions. There are variations of this game that allow you to play it with students who are lower-level or higher level.



Games and activities at this age are essential to reinforcing any English that the children learn from their textbook or in class. As this age group is still a little young to be able to have full conversations on their own these games and activities can perform that function. It is these games and activities that turn knowledge of various vocabulary and grammar into the ability to have conversations in English.


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